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5 Tips for looking stylish on any budget

Fashion isn’t a question of having a lot of money. Sometimes we have to learn how to look fashionable even though we have a budget.

Whatever situation you are in, whether you are a student or you have many bills to pay, there are still things you can do to manage your budget and still look fab with very good clothes. Here are our advices:

  1. Versatile Pieces: If you can’t buy many pieces, than choose pieces that you can wear in many different ways. If you buy a white jeans, for example, invest more on tops, you will see how many looks you can create with just one versatile bottom. So start mixing and matching like a pro!
  2. Borrow and Trade: If you have friends and family that are your size, ask them if you can borrow or trade items (clothing and accessories) from each other. This will give you a twist on your look because you will learn more about different tastes.
  3. Second-hand Shopping: I have already talked about this topic in an older article. Going through some online second-hand shops I realised how affordable designer clothes can be. If you are short on budget, try them and you will realise that you can get much more for much less!

  4. The Power of accessories: Accessories are a saver. They can lift youroutfit up and pull it together. You can change a simple outfit completely just by adding accessories.
  5. Sales: If you want to save money, watch the sales at your favourite stores. Even some brands have great sales: Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo for example.



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  • Reply Sharon 11. June 2014 at 22:49

    Great tips. Clothing swaps have really become more popular and some second-hand clothing stores have such amazing quality clothing and accessories in their inventory.


    • Elle
      Reply Elle 15. June 2014 at 20:53

      Indeed 🙂 Thanks for your visit!

  • Reply Tali 16. June 2014 at 12:34

    Great tips!

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