What Colour Is This Dress?

Courtesy of Swiked.tumblr.com

Courtesy of Swiked.tumblr.com

This question got viral and is making a lot of people on Twitter crazy! You might be asking yourself “why?”… because whilst some people see this dress as being white and gold (me for example!), other people see it black and blue!

Background story: This dress was worn by a bride’s mother at the wedding party that the british singer Caitlin McNeill went to. Caitlin had such a big discussion with her brother that she decided to ask on Tumblr how people perceived this dress. Continue reading

Fit Like Beyoncé

@Beyoncé Instagram

Courtesy of @Beyoncé Instagram

Beyoncé must have been blessed for all saints: she is beautiful, she has a gorgeous family, loads of money and an amazing body. I am so pleased that she has opened us via Instagram at least her workout secrets… and imitation is allowed!

Wearing black T-shirt and stripped leggings the beautiful R&B diva demonstrates how she has got that abdomen, legs, buttocks… in shape. Check this out: Continue reading

The Best Of Paris Haute Couture 2015

Courtesy of Chanel

Courtesy of Chanel

I love Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week! Sadly it only takes place twice a year but the luxurious and opulent creations of the greatest fashion designer are so inspiring and beautiful that I am always so excited to see the magical shows. Let’s check out what Chanel, Dior and Co. have for fashion lovers like us: Continue reading

French Fashion Designers United: “Je suis Charlie”

A couple of weeks ago a horrible act of terrorism affected the lives of million of europeans and people around the world. I will never forget that January 7th, it was my birthday and I was brunching with my family when we heard what was happening in Paris.

It was a sad day in our history but that day also brought millions of people together to stand for our freedom . Also the french fashion industry has been showing its support to the “Je suis Charlie” campaign to protect our freedom of speech.

Check out what french designers are saing: Continue reading

The Most Beautiful Nude Shoes For Every Budget

Courtesy of Christian Louboutin

Courtesy of Christian Louboutin (“So Kate Blush” 485 USD)

Black shoes are a must-have in any closet but we can’t deny that the colour nude has become “the new black”: it goes with everything!

The crative director of Aquazurra, Edgaro Osorio, once said “not black, but nude is the perfect colour” and I think he is so right!

Continue reading