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The Vogue World

At some point in life (almost) every girl get enchanted by Vogue and its world – a world of style and elegance.

There has been a lot of criticism directed towards women’s magazines and its celeb-obsession – Also Anna Wintour was blasted for putting the couple Kardashian-West on the covers of US Vogue (I couldn’t care less about Kim K. and K. West, but I still love Vogue anyway!)

The most impressive about Vogue is that it has everything to be hated: it has more ads than content, it’s full of clothes that many women can’t afford and it shares a high society lifestyle that most human beings don’t live in. So why is it the most influential fashion magazine?

Vogue manages to share excitement and the creative side of fashion without making you feel like a slave of the powerful fashion industry; It supports the timeless style alongside seasonal trends; it inspires their readers and recognises that they have interests beyond bags, shoes and gossips; therefore, Vogue covers a wide range of political and cultural affairs – sure, you will find many photos of very skinny models and actresses in it but you will also find inspiring authors, artists, athletes…

Despite being an old magazine -Vogue was created at the US in 1892- it has adapted so well to the digital world: Its online portal has a very clean design and it is well-executed focusing on fashion, beauty and culture.

The new online Vogue series that I’m loving to watch is the “73 Q’s with…”. It’s basicaly a single shot filmed interview with personalities – very simple questions that show “what they like, what they hate, and most important – what they know”. Check out my favourite interviews:





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