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Trend: 18 Spring Must Haves

Via Elle Lux on Polyvore

Via Elle Lux on Polyvore

Spring starts today: the days are starting to get longer, birds are getting back from the south, nature is waking up and the temperature is rising slowly. We can now leave our winter jackets and coats in the closet and dare to use lighter clothes. Check out our trends – spring must haves:

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Soft Ballerina Pumps:

They are a mix between soft ballerinas and pumps and are going to be one of the greatest trends for spring 2015.

Jeans Jacket

There has been a time when we couldn’t see jeans jacket anymore. Well now it is coming back for this spring.


Converse sneakers never really go out of fashion. But this spring this will be one of the greatest trends ever.

Lightweight Sweater

Always  good choice for spring weather, the lightweight sweater is something you won’t have to hide this spring.


There is nothing more springy and summery than a sundress, but this time with big flowers.

Gladiator Sandles

This trend appeared past summer and doesn’t want to leave – and we don’t want it to go either. I LOVE THEM!

Baseball Hat

I haven’t worn a basebal cap since Ed Hardy was trendy – But they are back!

Puzzle bag from Loewe

This is the newest It-bag one can think of and a big trend for spring.

Jeans Skirt

Denim will never go away – at least it seems to be so. Jeans skirts, specially the long ones, are a great spring trend!

White Shirt Dress

They are awesome! Comfy and uncomplicated, shirt dresses is something I love.


Girls, leave the highest heels home and put on trendy flats. Well, that’s the way I like it anyway!

Light Trench Coat

For that spring cold days and nights, there is nothing better than the classic trench.


Some people love it, other people hate it. Anyways, you will find them on the streets.

Tiny Bag

Little tiny bags are so in. Okay, they are not always practical but they look nice.


Sunglasses are essential and fun!

High Waisted Jeans

High waisted jeans is another trend from past summer  that won’t leave… and they go so great with crop tops, don’t they?

Naval Clothing

White and blue striped shirt, dresses, skirts are one of my faves.

Biker Jacket

A biker jacket and  a dress make such a cute outfit – a great idea for spring!

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