The Right Wedding Accessory For Every Bride

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Bridal accessory

Courtesy of BlushCheek

When I think about getting married I know that I want to wear a striking headpiece on my big day. Whether you are looking for a floral garland, a delicate headband or a jewelled headpiece for a lush wedding, take your bridal look to the next level with BlushCheek!



BlushCheek is an online store that is known for its amazing bridal accessories, reaching clients from more than 120 countries. The secret of their work is that each piece is designed and made by very creative and talented professionals – and you can share with them all the details you want and get your unique headpiece. When it comes to bridal accessories, BlushCheek knows what to wear, here are 3 pieces of their selection:


Courtesy of BlushCheek

The Garland: 

The vintage and bohemian style have seen a real revival in the past year and here is where the garland or flower crowns become an alternative to the traditional veil and crowns. This headpiece is perfect for country house, garden and beach weddings – and of course, to every women who loves flowers.

What was once confined to the generation of the 70’s and 80’s is basically gracing the head of nowadays celebrities, top models and they are even making it into the most famous bridal magazines and blogs.




Courtesy of BlushCheek

The Tiara

If you are the princess kind of bride, the tiara will be a luxe addition to your outfit. Since the royal wedding a few years ago, the dream of wearing one day a vintage Cartier tiara à la Kate Middleton has brought an upswing on the popularity of tiaras.

Whether you are looking for a simple yet sophisticated design or something more subtle, BlushCheek will help you to find the most perfect acessories to make your day of princess unforgettable.



Courtesy of BlushCheek

Courtesy of BlushCheek

The Alice Band

Fashion designers couldn’t get enough of the Alice bands at the 2013 bridal fashion shows, a style that has become very popular ever since.

One of the main reasons for its popularity is that it is suitable for basically every haistyle – updos, left down, highly styled or just relaxed.

The different styles: whether made from real flowers and leaves or decorated with handcrafted metals and jewels, this delicate hair accessory is most definitely perfect for every bride.


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Courtesy of BlushCheek

Courtesy of BlushCheek

Courtesy of BlushCheek

Courtesy of BlushCheek

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