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15 Ways To Slow and Prevent Aging


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Skin care is a very important routine in many women lives. However, many of us don’t comprehend the great importance of many methods, treatments, vitamins and foods for our body and skin.

“It is important to have a regular skin-care regimen. Cause beautiful skin requires commitment not surgery or a miracle.”

These methods, treatments and products will help you maintaining your young skin and beautiful body:

1. Lashes Serum: As we age, not only our hair becomes thinner but also eyelashes and eyebrows lose hair volume. Lashes serum will increase the hair growth and stop the lashes thinning process.

2. No stress: We already know that smoking and  UV radiation causes wrinkles but we often underestimate thepower of stress in our mind and body. Emotional stress can cause wrinkles. A nice way to relax the muscle, stimulate the lymphatic system, promote circulation and smooth wrinkles is facial massage.

3. Ultherapy and LED Light Therapy: Ultrasound offers a non-invasive treatment that activates the production of elastin and collagen. As a result, your skin will look more elastic and tight.

Red, blue and yellow light have been used for years in wound healing. LED therapy can heal acne, smooth wrinkles and even stop hair loss.

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4. Brussels Sprouts: 100 grams of brussels sprouts cover the entire daily recommended amount of vitamin c (which promotes the collagen of the skin). It is also rich in vitamin B, which regulates the moisture balance of the skin and stimulate cell renewal.

5. Coconut Oil: It is an all-rounder! It’s great for hair care, prevents heart disease, stimulates fat burning and ofers moisture for a firm skin. Two table spoons a day is enough!

6. Protect Your Hands: We usually neglect them but they are the first skin part to show aging signs. A hand cream with SPF is the best way to protect your hands against UV Radiation.

7. Hair Length: It is not a general rule but long hairstyle usually makes people look younger. Ask a hair stylist what is the best cut for your face shape.

8. Teeth Whitening: A Tipp-Ex-white toothpaste smile is not really natural but overall, white teeth rejuvenate the face – as we know, our teeth darken throughout life.

9. Turbo Boost: Peelings and microdermabrasion stimulate microcirculation and soften wrinkles and pigmentation spots.

10. Not Good For Your Skin:
1. Smoking.

2. Too much alcohol.

3. Too much animal fat.

4. Too much sun.

5. Too much sugar

11. Antioxidants: They protect our cells from oxidative stress (UV light), which is responsible for skin aging. Effective antioxidants are vitamin C and phloretin.


12. Facial Gymnastic: Facial exercising can make miracles for your face.

13. Getting Enough Sleep: According to as US study, less than 5 hours sleep can cause dry skin, unregular pigmentation, diminishing of  skin strength and elasticity. Don’t miss more information on:


14. Chia Seeds: This is a superfood from Mexico – five time richer in calcium than milk, twice the amount of potassium that you would find in bananas, three times more antioxidants as blueberries and it also provides valuable vegetable omega-3 faty acid. It strengthens the immune system and reduces inflammation.

15. Phytohormones: Fluctuations in estrogen levels (also due to the menopause) can lead to dehydration and wrinkles. Phytohormones from the soybean plant, or yam root can compensate it.

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