5 Reasons Why You Should Get More Sleep

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The best thing about sleep is that there is nothing bad about it. And who doesn’t sleep enough is not only less efficient but is also harming their own body. The beautiful (and short) summer season invites us to spend more time outside and enjoy the warm days – as a result, our nights can get pretty short. The amount of sleep necessary for the body varies from person to person, listen to your body to know exactly how much sleep you need and learn why it is worth taking more time for sleep:


I need daily anything between 7h30min to 9h sleep to function properly. If I am not able to have a deep restful sleep, my day is over (if I sleep too long, I get headache): I get sleepy, stressed easily and my mood drops rapidly; other people have the muchies for junk food or get sick. Here are 5 reason why you should take it seriously:

1. Eating Less: As I said before, laking of sleep can be responsible for very bad temper, lack of drive and uncontrollable hunger. There are studies that prove the impact of sleep deprivation on hormones that control hunger and consequently, metabolism. Because the body was not able to rest, it stress level is so high that the body craves sweets.

2. Reducing The Risk Of Dementia: Poor sleeping habits can cause serious damage to your brain according to a study. You know that our body produces waste as a by-product of the nutrients it needs, this waste is transported through the lymphatic system – but there is no lymphatic vascular system in the brain, so how does the brain “cleanses” itself? Through sleep! The brain is surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and when you sleep a sourt of “plumbing system” that facilitate the transport of waste from inside the brain to the CSF, which dumps the waste into the circulatory system. If you don’t sleep well this harmful proteins will accumulate inside the brain and destroy brain cells.

3. Making Better Decisions: People who lack sleep tend to a lower level of attention than complete rested people. It happens because the brain when not well rested processes information slower than usual, difficulting decisions.

4. Unhealthy Beverages: People who doesn’t sleep enough tend to “fight” the fatigue with coffe, coke and other drinks that are unhealthy if not drunk with moderation.

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5. On Edge: Lack of sleep affect the way people react to a stressful situation. It happens because controlling emotions gets difficult when the brain is tired.

So when it is time to go to bed, make sure you will have enough time to rest!

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