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New Year’s Resolutions To Start in November



The best way to make sure your New Year’s Resolutions succeed is to start it now. They are made with the best of intentions, usually making a change for the better, a form of self-improvement but they are also usually forgotten by February. The reason for that is that they are usually poor planned; they set a focus on specific things that even in face of success are seeing as failure (you decide to lose 20 pounds this year and feel  bad because you could only lose 10) or you end up overdoing they in early stages of the year (like the exercise resolution!).  I try to keep my resolutions related to health, easy to do and now I am going to start them in November. Check out my changes:

The most important thing I accomplished this year was to get my PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) under control – no indication of it in my system, which is really great! Now, I am going for more!

  • Eat Less Sweets (replace it for dark chocolate): who doesn’t love sweets? But we all know that they are not the healthiest snack: they cause pimples, weight gain and it is addicting. My goal is actually to stop eating refined sugar one day but let start it with baby steps. I want to replace all the sweets for dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is rich in iron, manganese, magnesium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, etc; It is a great sorce of antioxidants; it may improve the blood flow,  brain function and it brings many other benefits for health.
  • Drink More Hot Lemon Water: I try to drink hot lemon water every day BUT I often forget it – So my actuall task now is to remember to drink it! Warm lemon water is a great thing: It is an amazing detox tea, it helps the digestion, you may lose weight drinking it because you feel less hungry and many other benefits.
  • Eat one spoon of coconut oil a day: I already cook with coconut oil but one spoon coconut oil a day may keep the doctor away as it contains a unique combination of good fatty acids and lauric acid – a substance that can kill bacteria, viruses and fungi, not to mention that populations who eat a lot of coconut are among the healthiest people.
  • Add More Muscle Building Exercises To My Exercicing Routine: I already started this one and I am doing some exercises from Gunnar Peterson that are amazing. I hear from some of my girlfriends that they don’t wanna muscles, they make you look big… not necessarily! Muscles are a great to increase your metabolic rate because they burn a lot of calories even whilst resting for exemple.
  • More Fruits and Vegetables: This one never gets old… More vegetables are always a good idea!
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