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10 Beauty Tricks Every Women Should Know

When it comes to love and beauty, we all have a few tricks up our sleeves. There are endless advices to make our lives easier and to make us feel fabulous – a few of them are well known, whilst others, not really.

Here are the best beauty tricks that we think every women should know: 








1. Fix a smashed blush, powder and eyeshadown: “Oh Gosh!” who have never had a smashed blusher? Well, no reason to *sob* anymore: to fix it just drop a few drops of sterile saline solution or add drops of alcohol and smooth it out with your finger or a butter knife.

2. Reduce bruising: You can treat them with ice, but did you know that mouthwash can make a bruise look better in few minutes?

3. Treat acne, dark and red spot: There are many tricks to get rid of spots but have you ever tried a greek yogurt facial mask? To get rid of spots you will only need one tablespoon yogurt. If you have acne problems, add to 1Tbs Yogurt, 2 tbs olive oil and 1/2 tbs lemon oil (not juice!) and apply it to your face.

4. Ditch mascara smudges: A couple of weeks ago we dedicated an entire post to our favourite beauty item for the eye. Where we also talked about how to get mascara on the upper and lower eyelid using a spoon to protect the skin. Read more about the topic here.

5. How to revive mascara and gloopy nail polish: You can revive those items by putting them in a cup with boiling water for a couple of minutes.

6. Perfect your cupid’s bow: just use your lipstick to drow an “x” on the centre of your upper lips and cover the rest of your lips as normal.

7. Seal your lipstick: You can seal your lipstick by placing a tissue over your lips and  lightly dusting a blusher or eyeshaddow over the tissue.

8. Ace the feline flick: To get it perfectly, just place a tape from your bottle lashes to your temple, draw your liner along the eye and when you get to the flicks just draw along the edge of the tape. PS.: If you don’t have a gel eye liner, try using a match or a lighter to warm up the tip of it for one or two seconds. Wait 10 seconds and try it on, it will work just like a gel liner.

9. Moisturise dry lips: Take a dampen chamomile tea bag and press it on  your lips for a few minutes, it will heal the cracked lips.

10. Get rid of yellow nails: Press the juice of 1/2 of a lemon and add it to a cup of water. Soak your tips in it and massage around the nail bed.



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