Women’s Health: The Benefits of Yoga in The Pregnancy



Yoga is a very old practice with a holistic philosophy. Thinking about the classic yoga, the last thing that comes to the mind is that it can help to keep in shape during a pregnancy – But don’t let all that deep breathing and slow poses mislead you because yoga can relax and work on your mind whilst trimming and toning your body! And it also helps to relieve pain.



The calories you can burn during an yoga session vary from 180 to 350 per hour depending on what type of yoga you choose. One of the best way to lose weight with yoga is choosing a form of power yoga – Vinyasa, Ashtanga for example. Power yoga adds strength, flexibility and cardio to the workout in a 90-minutes session, the deep breathing technique heat up the body from inside flushing out toxins and boosting the performance of our lymphatic system and organs. These types of  Yoga are best for the first phases of a pregnancy.

Yoga also increase the sensitivity to our inner signals (cravings, hunger, etc); it helps to slow us down mentally, in this way you can learn to distinguish between unges and impulses.Don’t worry for not doing a hardcore training, a gentle and restorative practice helps loosing weight by kicking on the parasympathetic nevous system (it regulates hormones, digestion, etc). By activating it, you are getting of a fight-or-flight mode and stepping on your internal brakes, it will lead you to rest and your hormones to rebalance and it alone will already help you to lose weight.

You are pregnant and want to stay fit through out the pregnancy, then Yoga can be what you are looking for because it keeps mind and body healthy and minimising the disconfort that comes with the pregnancy.

Yoga also helps the body to prepare for the birth: the ligaments become more elastic, breath and body awareness increases and a few stretching exercises relieve the pain.

It is also very beneficial after the birth, around 6 weeks after. It helps to strengthens abdominal muscles and your pelvic floor. For more information on pregnancy and women’s health, please head to Check Pregnancy.

If you have never tried yoga before, ask your doctor before you begin and then get it started, go to classes or try it at home with a nice DVD. But don’t forget that whilst stricking fast-moving power yoga poses it’s crucial to listen to you body and to keep a good alignment.

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Think big picture, you want to lose weight to feel good, to do and to wear things you can’t now, to be healthy – whatever your goal may be, try to notice your succes as you move forward with yoga.

Don’t forget that the best way to work on your body is to work on your mind:

“Mens sana in corpore sano”

See you around and Namaste!

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