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3 Steps To Look Instantly Slimmer In Photos!

Love this inside shot from @VogueBrasil. We shot this in Malibu 📷 @EllenVonUnwerth

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It is impossible for most of us to have a team of makeup artist, hair stylist and outfit gurus at our disposal to help us look great in photos. But there are actually a few tricks that photographers shared with us that will help you to look naturally gorgeous and slimmer in photos:


1. Place one foot slightly crossed over the other, the toe of the front foot is directed to the camera, the body weight is placed on the back foot. This trick narrows the silhouette and emphasizes the curves in photos.

2. It is not a coincidence that many celebrities lay a hand (or both hands) on their waist whilst taking photos on the red carpet . This trik not only accentuates the waist, it also prevents the arms appear flattened or broad (which they perhaps would do laying close to the body).

3. Also still important: straight posture, chin slightly upward and forward. You might also want to turn you body slightly sideways to the camera – another slim effect.

And don’t forget:

How to look skinny in photos

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