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5 Timeless Fashion Trends

Trends come and go but some of them are timeless. They are pieces we just can’t get rid of because they just feel so contemporary (also comfy) and that’s exactly the reason why they continue to stand the test of time. Let’s talk about those wonderful pieces we all have in our wardrobe and that deserve a special post celebrating them!

  1. The classic white Tee: One can never go wrong with them, don’t you think? Whether placed underneath other shirts or on an edgy look with a V-neck Tee, they always come in handy and can be worn with everything. For a simple look that is all you need but you can also pimp it up with some provocative accessories!


  1. slacksSlacks: They come in great variety and can be worn in any style. With a pair of heels or flats, casually or dressy, at home or for business. Is it a surprise that they are a timeless trend?
  1. Collar shirts: Invented to allow starching and other finishing, those amazing shirts are as old as fashion yet very actual. Some are botton-up while other have no buttons for a more casual look, either way they are perfect for men and women and go great with ties, brooches and necklaces.
  1. Jeans: Our next timeless trend was created in 1873 by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis as work pants for gold miners in California. They’ve survived the Gold Rush and are one of the most bought pieces all around the globe: Jeans. Skinny, straight leg, bell-bottom jeans, you name it –they are comfy, casual and there is always a perfect fit to every body shape.

  2. The little black dress: A long time ago black used to be the colour of mourning and then came Coco Chanel. Some say she created the LBD look, others say she didn’t – But she for sure made this look popular. Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn loved it, the LBD is classy, versatile,  glamorous and deserve like no other to be on our timeless trends list!



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