Overall: Getting Ready For Spring 2017 With 3 Styles!

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Black Two Piece Long Sleeve Stripes Blouse Plain Wide Leg Overall

Courtesy of StyleWe

It just turned winter but we are already looking forward to a warmer weather. One trend that came back a few zeras ago and has not left ever since is the trend of overalls! Here I will share with you 3 of my favourite styles from StyleWe.

The Business Style: 

Overalls may have been invented as for being used as a denim piece and used for pretty hard labour but this is definetely in the past. And as a business piece it is quite comfy and elegant, don’t you think?

Black Spaghetti V Neck Swing Overall

Courtesy of StyleWe

The French Way:

This is also a style that could be used in business but it has some french “joie de vivre” to it. I can imagine myself wandering the streets of Paris in a shopping trip and of course wearing this garments. A classic and elegant way to enjoy the day!

Army green Shift Spaghetti Overall

Courtesy of StyleWe

The Weekend Style

This is a great way to stroll around on the weekends, around the beach with a few friends. A quite simple alternative that doesn’t lack style.

If you love overall as much as we do, visit the site of StyleWe and shop overalls here.

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