4 Cocktail Dress Styles For Office Christmas Parties

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As Christmas time approaches, party time increases. The office Christmas party is one of the best official events to dress up for, however it is not always easy to find the right outfit to impress work colleagues without going over the top. Here you will find great ideas for the perfect party outfit:

Time Matters

Morning and afternoon parties are usually less formal than evening ones. Although you still have to consider your office dresscode, dresses, skirts and silk blouses are always a great option.

Evening events ask for chic cocktail dresses, but nothing too revealing nor too casual (no sneakers or jeans please!) or over the top makeup. Classic colours always look classier and event appropriated but there is no need to stick to the rules.

My favourite fabric for these holiday parties is a classy lace or satin dress on a classic shape but still with modern touches. Here are some ideas for you from the beautiful collection of

The Peplum

Courtesy of PromTimes

Courtesy of PromTimes

These kind of dresses manage to be chic and sophisticated with a hint of understatement. An embellished top will make a difference at the party – for the work hours before the party, just add a blazer and you are ready to go. Ps.: metallic sandals increase the glamour factor.

The Not-So-Basic Little Black Dress

Courtesy of PromTimes

Courtesy of PromTimes

The little black party dress is the best investment a woman can ever make. You can use it any time of the day and to any event. Although this dress is about minimalism, some sheer or lace on the top will give a sexy note to it.

The Shimmery Option

Courtesy of Promtimes

Courtesy of Promtimes

For women who like to literally shine, there is always the dazzler dress. It has a simplicity in its shape, a basic silhouette that ensures harmony with a outstanding shimmer.

The Swingy Skirt

Courtesy of Promtimes

Courtesy of Promtimes

A dress has to flatter a woman and this type of skirt is perfect to almost every body shape and not to forget, versatile.

So what is your favourite style for this year’s Christmas party? 

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