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Gucci’s New Personality: Meet Alessandro Michele

Almost a year ago, Gucci started a new risky project, an image change. It is January 21st 2015 in Paris and the French luxury goods holding company “Kering” ( Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Brioni, Gucci, Puma and other luxury, sport & lifestyle brands) had decided that the right man for the job of Gucci’s creative director would be Alessandro Michele – a designer that bets on fashion with soul and personality.

Courtesy of  Gucci on Instagram

Courtesy of Gucci on Instagram

When it happened, Mr. Michele had already been working for the fashion house for over a decade but nobody had known him as the brain behind the melancholic androgyne Gucci project for Men’s Fashion Week in Milan, a concept that was often described as the reinvention of the brand created on 1921 in Florence.

Not even a year yet in the job, Alessandro Michele has brought Gucci back to the top of the most desired and influential brands, especially when talking about bags – the brand’s treadmark (the new collection is adorable!) but not only that. Even though he is succeeding in his job and becoming one of the designers who cause great impact into the fashion world, he has manged to keep that shy gaze, that fading smile, the low voice, slow talking and of course the beard.

His first collection as creative director, for the Fall/Winter 2015-2016, shows a romantic and sophisticated woman: loads of floral prints, silk blouses fully buttoned, velvet pleated skirts, tailored suits and victorian inspired dresses and nerdy details such as big glasses.

When asked about the changes he has reached within the brands, Michele sees this process  as a natural not imposed thing, a sort of evolution. Remembering the start of his career he shares the insecurities a young professional, something we all can relate to and how he kept hearing that he would have to adapt and that the way he was making fashion wasn’t the most desirable. Still, he has managed to arrive where he is now.

Michele’s wish is for women to open themselves to a more feminine, very intimate, but on the same way intellectual and naive, excentric and juvenile fashion style – a mix of old and contemporary to flee from the noisy and the sobriety from mainstream fashion, focusing on individuality and on a more human fashion with soul, trying to balance between the retro and the current. The way he explains his idea of fashion is something that embraces the moment without fleeing from the past. This is the man that in silence has brought back personality for this fashion house.

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