ESC 2014: Most eye-catching outfits

Credits: Andres Putting (EBU)

Credits: Andres Putting (EBU)

Maybe you have never heard about the ESC before but you sure know some of these artists/songs: ABBA (Waterloo), Céline Dion (“Ne partez pas sans moi”), Domenico Madugno (“Nel blu dipinto di blu”), Julio Iglesias, Buck Fizz, etc. All those artists were contestants in this event.

The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual song competition held among European countries since 1956. Each country submits a song to the contest and then casts votes for other countries – no country can vote for itself. It is the day when most Europeans sit in front of their TV (some even have their own ESC Party) to cheer for their country and its song.

Andres Putting (EBU)

Andres Putting (EBU)

Last night, the Danish capital, Copenhagen, opened its door and invited entire Europe to a party like no other.

The winner, a 25-years-old bearded Austrian drag queen called Conchita Wurst, presented a very catchy, James Bond theme like song: “Rise like a Phoenix” and showed that Europe is much more tolerant than we, Europeans, could have imagined.

The act was very simple but her voice, her glamorous outfit and her expression made it very difficult to the other contestants to win this “battle”. Ps. It is crazy, but if you look at her/his eyes and her/his hair… Oh MY, it’s KimKardashian! Ooops, Haha 🙂

Andres Putting (EBU)

Andres Putting (EBU)

Mariya Yaremchuk from Ukraine had a beautiful dress – that remembers me of a greek amazon. Imho, the colour of the dress was not so well chosen – I think a lighter colour would have suited her and her beautiful tan best.

Let’s not forget the guys: They really suited it up! From classic to modern, from dark to colourful and metallic. In general, I think the guys did great, I wish I could show you here all the nice show outfits they’ve chosen… okay, some clothes were very peculiar (and very very very colourful :)) but in general they can be proud!

Andres Putting (EBU)

Andres Putting (EBU)

Credits: Andres Putting (EBU)

Credits: Andres Putting (EBU)

Credits: Sander Hesterman (EBU)

Credits: Sander Hesterman (EBU)


The host Lise Rønne showed some nice and glam outfits too but I am going to start a campaign: “Free Lise Rønne‘s hair” LOL! She has such a classic and beautiful face, let your hair down girl 🙂

That is it guys, those were some of my favourite Eurosivion 2014 dresses. Sure there were also some dresses I didn’t like at all – some acts looked like an episode of “Farmer wants wife” – but I want to focus on the good and positive side of the show.

Let’s get ready for the next year in Austria then – if your favourite didn’t win, better luck next year! I am looking forward to it  and to more glamorous outfits.

I wish you a great sunday and thanks for reading my blog!




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