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A couple of days ago I shared with you products that I have bought for autumn. Now I will share with you guys my beauty routine from start to finish (not including makeup though, makeup is not a daily thing for me!). Take a look and feel free to let me know your beauty routine as well:



After waking up, I wash my face with glycerin soap. As I shared with you guys before, it is an humectant (attracts moisture) and perfect for all skin type. This is definitely one of my best friends, as I have been using it since I was a child (thanks mom!). When I was a teenager I never had any problem with pimples and I believe that this type of soap has a lot to do with!



Well, now that my face is clean and moisturized, I follow up with thermal water as a tonic (in case I don’t have thermal water with me, I use rose water). If you are not familiar with thermal water, it is rich in mineral salt, iodine and CO2 and it is also known for healing properties. It makes you look awake instantly, which is really nice and leaves a freshness that I enjoy for hours and hours after using it.

So I spray it on my face and leave it for a few minutes and wipe off the excess with a towel. And my next step is  a day cream, especially in autumn and winter it is an important step in my routine because cold, wet and windy weather is tough on the skin – not mentioning the heating when you get home. I finish with a SPF 30 and I am ready to go!



In the evening I clean my skin from all the residues it could have (pollution e.g.) and wash my face with glycerin soap once again. 2-3 days in the week I will massage my face for about 10 minutes with my favourite Vitamin A oil. Why? It is a great tool to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone, dry and aging skin and because facial massage is something great that everyone should be doing, why not add a nice lavender oil with some nutrients for your skin?

After thatI will be so red, you can really see the improvement of blood flow… amazing feeling!



And before I go to bed I sprinkle  more thermal water and finish with a detox night cream.


20151016_111031-2On weekends I will add to my beauty routine a facial steam bath (around 10 minutes)- this is the golden advice anyone can do, it costs nothing. Read more here! I follow up with a facial scrub – if you don’t have one at home, try mixing sugar and honey (this is one of the best scrubs anyway!) and I finish with a facial mask.

My favourite is a healing earth mask, which is amazing for the skin to prevent clogging, pimples and to clear the skin.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and let me know what is your beauty routine!


Elle, x

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