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This Video Shows How To Post The Perfect Insta Photo

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Courtesy of @marianna_hewitt on instagram

Photo editing made easy: to get a lot of likes onInstagram photos have to be beautiful and unique. But how to edit the images before posting? This video shows it all!

If you post regularly on Instagram, but feel that you cannot keep up with the photos other users post; whether it is your hair that doesn’t look quite right or a shadow that falls unfavourably on your face, somehow the pic never looks 100% perfect.

Fashionistas are masters of taking perfect photos, so perfect that you could even use them in any fashion magazine. But how exactly do they do it? This video reveals all tricks to photo editing:

Marianna Hewitt is Fashion blogger and expert in the field of image editing. In her YouTube channel she shared a tutorial showing us which tools she uses and how FaceTune, VSCO Cam and Faded can help us make our photos perfect.

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