How To Fake Supermodels Cheekbones Using Makeup

Courtesy of ELLE on Youtube

Courtesy of ELLE on Youtube

Who wouldn’t love to have cheekbones like a supermodel? I know I would! Makeup master Napoleon Perdis shows us that thanks to makeup, you don’t need to be born with a razor charp model cheekbone to have one.

Here are somes tips from on how to get supermodel cheekbones in 3 steps:

Contouring and highlighting can do miracles! This Hollywood beauty secret has been gaining popularity – Okay, it takes an extra work to get it done, but the results are more than worth it. Thanks to contouring we can all fake that sexy supermodel cheekbones, which make us look glowy and sculpted.

For this makeup trick you will need:

  • Cream foundation that is one colour lighter than your skin tone
  • Cream foundation that is two colours darker than your skin tone
  • Loose powder
  • Pink powder blush
  • Liquid highlighter

I hope you enjoy this easy makeup advice!

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