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As the seasons shift, it is time to change my beauty routine – Autunm and spring mark the perfect time to work on renewing and recovering the skin from harsher seasons such as summer and winter and at the same time preparing it for the environmental aggressions that will come with the next season. Read more to learn what are my favourite beauty products for autumn.



There are just a few beauty products that I use independently of the season such as thermal water, lipbalm, beauty masks, facial scrub and sun cream.

Especially thermal water, a naturally pure and rich in mineral salt (also iodine and CO2) water located deep underground and known for healing properties, is something that I can’t live without. It calms the skin therefor it is perfect for dry and sensitive skin types; it moisturizes the body, it has antioxidant properties and it is said to heal arthritis, burns and joint pain and to calm eczema, rosacea, or psoriasis.



I also love healing earth masks. It provides a deep and intensive cleaning of the skin, removing impurities, balancing the skin and refining the pores and leaving a radiant complexion.

I also always have cleansing wipes with me. It helps a lot if you are on the go trying to clean your skin from make-up or the daily polution.


My New Additions



Day Cream:

I have been trying the VICHY Liftactiv Supreme for a week and I really like everything about it. It smooths the skin, brightens the complexion and the skin looks firmer. It also contains thermal water, which is a plus for me!

The texture is very comfortable and itmelts immediately into the skin. The feeling you get from this cream is a sense of freshness, nothing sticky or greasy and you can easily layer it under makeup.

Night Cream:

Also by VICHY, this is a Night Detox cream that helps to reduce blemishes and to make pores look less visible. I am glad I have found this cream because every dayI wake up with a radiant complexion and the feeling of a clean and purified skin.

This product also doesn’t leave a greasy sensation on the skin, instead there is a sense of freshness and a good sensation.

One of the reasons for why I have bought these productswas the fact that they don’t contain paraben and they are oil free. Also the reviews were good – I can say that so far I agree with them.




Other things that I to include in my beauty routine are Glycerin soaps and facial steam bath.

Glycerin Soaps: it is one of the most moisturizing types of soap and effective for all skin types. The best thing about this kind of soap that I buy is that it is 100% natural, which mean that no synthetic ingredients have been added to it – And because they are natural, it is perfect for sensitive skin.

The (not so) secret of this soap is Glycerin, a type of humectant – this means it attracts moisture. So these kinds of soaps attract moisture and lockes it in, hydrating the skin for several hours after you use it. And moisturised and healthy skin a less likely to develop wrinkles, stretch marks, etc.

Facial Steam Bath: This is a truly beneficial and really cheap beauty treatment that everyone can do either in a spa or at home under  a tented bath towel. The benefits of a facial steam bath are: the increase of circulation (increase of blood flow) and perspiration (a cleasing effect on skin as it lifts dirt, dead skin cells and other debris trapped in the pores), sebum expression (when the follicular opening becomes clogged or you have am excessive production of sebum, acne breaks out or you have a blackhead. Facial steam baths soften blackheads so they can easily be released from follicular openings and the production of sebum can flow again), anti-aging (steam helps to loosen the cellular cement that keeps the dead cells together preventing or better said, slowing the process of new cells to surface. After a steam you skin will look much fresher and younger.

Tip: Bring a small pot of water to boil and wash your face whilst it is cooking. Pour the cooking water into a bow and add a tea bag (chamomile is my favourite) or a few drops of essential oils (lemongrass or peppermint for an energizing steam, chamomile or lavender for a relaxing steam. peppermint or eucalyptus for a cold-conquering steam, sandalwood or bergamot for a stress-relieving steam.). Hold your face over the steaming water and create a tent over your head using a towel. Don’t steam your face for more than 10 minutes!

I have to say, in spring and summer I rarely use creams on my face because I don’t feel the need of it… I keep washing my face with glycerin soaps, using thermal water and facial scrubs, sun cream, doing my beauty masks and facial steam baths – that is it!

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