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My 7 Days Food Diary – PCOS & Weight Loss

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Because I know how stressful and difficult life with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) can be and September is PCOS Awareness Month, I have decided to share with you, who also have this problem, how my days are and what I eat through the 7-13 of September. I hope I can inspire you to change your habits, healthy eating and being active is essencial to get the desease under control – I have been able to do it twice and you can do it too. However, without a change of habits it is going to be difficult to succeed, that is the reason why I want to motivate you to listen to your body and change your fuel.

Food used to be fuel for our body but somewhen, during our evolution as Homo Sapiens, food became food for the soul – if you are happy you eat, if you are said you eat (who has never eaten ice cream trying to cure a hearache?). However, the way we decide to look at food doesn’t correspond to our body’s perspective. We eat more and more hamburgers, fries, microwave and sweets; we fill our body with toxic chemichals, too much sugar, too much salt, whilst our body needs fresh vegetables and fruits (not cooked until the last vitamin was destroyed!), grains, beans… balanced meals.


Monday, September 7

20150907_103639-2Morning Sport:
4o minutes static bicycle.

Evening Sport: 20 minutes bodyweight exercises.


Before eating my breakfast, I drink a glas of hot water with the juice of half a lemon. It should help to control insulin preventing it to spike!

Thoday I had Muesli (chia seeds, oat milk, grains, dried apple, banana, nuts,  and fresh blueberries) and a cup of coffee.



I don’t have snack everyday, it always depends on if I am hungry or not (I try to listen to my body and I have come to a conclusion that it is important to do so). My snacks are usually a handful nuts and seeds or a fruit (half a papaya or, an orange or, a peach or, a pear, etc). Today I didn’t had any – either in the morning nor in the afternoon or evening.


I had lentils with coconut oil and tomato sauce, also a yummy salad with vinaigrette dressing with seeds, a few grapes and little chunks of smoked fish.

Recipe here



Because I still had lentils from lunch, I decided to cook a soup: lentil soup with coconut milk (just a hint), a few chunks of Tofu and a few seeds. I also had one slice of whole grain toast.

Recipe Here




Tuesday, September 8

Last night I had fever, I knew something was going on because on this past weekend I felt a little bit under the weather but past night the cold hit me like a truck. That is the reason why I am not working out today. I will go for a walk with the dog, but nothing too much as I don’t want to risk an inflammation of the heart muscle.

Breakfast: Because I woke up feeling terrible, I just ate  a bow of muesli wih blueberries.

20150908_124803-2Lunch: For lunch I had rucola sald with orange, various seeds, vinaigrette dressing, carrot nuggets and half of an orange.

Carrot nugget recipe (1 person, 8 nuggets)

  • 1 carrot, shredded
  • 30g dry oat
  • 30g whole grain spelt floor
  • 10g popped amaranth
  • 100ml water or coconut milk
  • Seasoning of your wish
  • Coconut oil or any other oil you want

Combine all the ingredients and any seasonings used.  Add the water and mix all together until they become a dough. Heat about 1 tablespoon coconut oil in a large non-stick pan over medium high heat. Cook for about 2-3 minutes each side or until golden brown.

Supper: Later I will be having aubergine salad, right now I am not really feeling hungry or well, but I will try to eat a little bit of this delish salad! Recipe here



Wednesday, September 9

I am still not feeling 100% but I’m getting there. I’m so looking forward to get back to my exercises… hopefully tomorrow!

Sport: Walked the dog in the morning and evening.

IMG_20150809_164641-2Breakfast: Today I ate a light version o the Croque Madame Muffin. No béchamel sauce (too early, too sick to do it!), instead I had quark with some herbs.

Lunch: I had a mixed salad and organic soy schnitzel.


Supper: For supper I had mozzarella salad, 1 whole grain toast with a little bit of aubergine antipasto.



Thursday, Semptember 10

20150910_083712-2I’m feeling a bit better today. Although I have been sick, couldn’t workout a lot and I have eaten normally (maybe more salad than usually -1stly because I didn’t feel like cooking a lot, 2ndly because I need vitamins 🙂 I have lost 5 pounds since sunday… and don’t forget that I have PCOS and hypothyroidism!!!

Sport: 30 minutes Nordic walking

Breakfast: Muslie with raspberries.


20150910_125830-2-2Lunch: For lunch I had a potatoe apple salad with simple pesto (without all the oil, just a little bit!)

Supper: For Supper I had lentil soup with coconut milk








Friday, September 11

20150911_113103-2Sport: 30 minutes Nordic walking and 2x 30 minutes walking the dog

Breakfast: Muslie with raspberries again 🙂

Lunch: My best friend came to visit me and brought lunch for us two. Salad, lentils and turkish bulgur salad. I forgot to take a pic of my plate, sorry… but when you have friends around, this things happen!

Ps. Bulgur isn’t something I usually eat – not that I don’t like it or because it is the wrong carbs, I just prefer eating other things and keep this kind of food to a minimum.

I don’t have a cheat day, simply because I don’t need it. Cheat days keep you looking forward to eat wrong things. I do eat ice cream or a slice pizza. But it is not every week or twice a month. If I am with friends and they want to have an ice cream, I eat a cone too, if I go to my friends home and they cooked pasta I eat it too (but I do eat a lot of salad first and a small portion of pasta)… but a whole day eating unhealthy things is something that I don’t do and I don’t need.

Suppe: For supper I wasn’t too hungry, so I ate a small bruschetta20150509_134208-2


Saturday, September 12

20150228_130104-2Sport: Walked the dog 2x 30 minutes

Breakfast: I woke up late today so I just ate something light, one of my favourite things in the world: strawberries, milk and honey!

Lunch: Family Time! No cooking today, just a take out from our favourite greek restaurant. Loads of salad, spinach and fish 🙂

Lunch with the family! Weekend, woohoo #familytime #family #dayoff #potd #foodporn #foodoninstagram

Supper: For supper I wasn’t too hungry, so I just ate a mix of fruits.



Sunday, September 13
Hey guys, today is the last day of my food diary. I hope I have been able to give you some advices and hope because eating healthy isn’t that difficult at all, we just have to learn to enjoy it and see it as the best we can do for our body. So, here is the last meals of this food dairy:

20150913_141314-2-2Sport: 30 minutes bicycle; 30 minutes walk with the dog

Breakfast: I woke up late again and have decided to wait for lunch.

Lunch: For lunch I had a yummy salad with various kinds of leaves and carrot. Steamed vegetables and my carrot nuggets.

Supper: For supper I had the rest of the salad I had for lunch, with mushrooms, small chuncks of brie cheese, half of a fig and one whole grain toast.



That is it! As you see I don’t drink coke, I don’t eat sweets, I don’t go over board with unhealthy food… this is my choice, you can make yours and you can change your habits!


Elle x

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