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Happy International Women’s Day! (Is it?!)


Courtesy of Vogue @voguemagazine on Twitter

How many of us woke up to a “Happy International Women’s Day!”? Well, I did… and to be honest, I don’t really care if someone remembers this day or not, and do you know why? Because to me every day should be Women’s day!

How can I care for today knowing that, for example, every 107 seconds, another woman is sexually assaulted in the US alone? That women all around the world are not paid equally for equal amount of work? That women experience promotion rates that are 34 to 47% lower than men? So, is it a really happy international women’s day?

The gender equality campaign you can see below, has been sending a very strong message erasing women from billboards and magazine covers and saying We are not there! In this video, celebrities including Sienna Miller, Amy Poehler and Cameron Diaz are heard (but not seen) as they describe the struggles women around the world go through and proving that we are just not there yet when it comes to equality. This new campaign (“Not There.”) was unveiled by The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation and it aims at drawing special attention to gender inequality around the world.

Here are some facts you can learn in this video:

  • “1 in 4 girls is married before her 18th birthday,”
  • “In the U.S., women now earn the majority of college degrees. But we only make up 5 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs.”
  • “Women everywhere still don’t make as much as men. In the U.S., women make just 78 cents to every man’s dollar.”

And these information is just a small part of the No Ceiling Full Participation report that shows data spanning 20 years pertaining to women’s right fight around the world.

And if you are on twitter, you may have noticed that many famous people have changed their profile pictures in protest. Here are some of them:


To me, days like today are there to show us that we are not there yet! I would rather have equal chances 365 days than celebrating women just 1 day of the year, would you?


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