Pump It Up: 3 Ways Of Having Fun At Home With Inflatables

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Courtesy of Inflatable-Zone

Courtesy of Inflatable-Zone

If you have ever tried a zorb ball, you know that it can’t get much better than that. Now imagine a whole world of inflatables: Pools, bouncy castles, water slides and even an inflatable tent! There is a whole inflatable universe waiting for you – and you don’t even have to leave home, just click get it!

There are so many fun inflatable stuff to try next summer, here are a few ideas:

Summer Parties At The Pool: There isn’t a better way to enjoy summer than lying in the pool. But what to do when you don’t have one? Maybe because you have a small backyard or you don’t have the money to invest in one. In this case, you can always buy or rent an inflatable pool to add fun to summer with friends, kids and relatives! (For more fun, get water slides to go with it!)

Soccer with Zorb ball and more: This one is another guarantee of fun! Even from someone like me that dislikes Soccer (And I do it with all my heart!), because the main focus here is having fun with friends – running around protected by a bubble, trying to get to the ball and “attacking” your opponent forcing him/her to the ground and having a lots of laughs watching they trying to get on their feet.

Another fun experience is the human hamster ball! You can basically roll down hill within this orb and not suffer a scratch. And not mentioning air bags for the more adventurous ones!

Courtesy of inflatable-zone

Courtesy of inflatable-zone

Inflatable Tent: These tents really make the experience of camping enjoyable. Whether summer or winter, there is no better way to have a fun night observing the stars with your kids, friends or your sweetheart (and be sure: no mosquitos to annoy you!). Inflatable Tent-Buy Inflatable Tent.

All these amazing products, which will offer you incredible experiences, you will be able to find on the site of inflatable-zone – an amazing business established in 2008, that counts with experienced staff and offer advanced technology to customers from all around the globe, from the US to Europe and Australia.

Whether you looking for fun ways to enjoy summer or looking for a business opportunity with inflatables, inflatable-zone is always giving its best to make their customers satisfied, offering the highest technological standards and willing to build up a long term business relationship with their business partners.


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